Teaching Philosophy

Read about my approach to teaching music through focused practice and unified technique.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher my goal is instill in my students a deep love and understanding of music as  well as a rooted commitment to goal oriented practice and study, no matter their playing ability or future vocation. These virtues of commitment, focus, and perseverance are paramount to thorough musical study and success, but also important practical knowledge for vitality in any field of study. As part of a liberal arts education, this emphasis on mental focus and commitment give the student the tools to find success across the spectrum of academics, therefore allowing them to have the skills to have maturation inside and outside of the practice room.   

On the technical side of playing, a unified approach is provided in order to allow the student to have the tools which they need in order step in to a number of different playing  scenarios, so that they may grow and succeed as student musicians. By simplifying the  techniques needed to be successful in music performance, technical deficiencies are able to be targeted and addressed in a much more concise manner than starting each student from a clean slate. In order to stimulate students to focus on technical deficiencies, repertoire will be selected that will not only engage the student but also address difficulties of their current playing ability, therefore allowing them to remain engaged and enthusiastic about the learning process. 

It is my goal as an instructor to provide the student with the skills in order to succeed, and collaborate with them in order to succeed at their intended goals. No two students are exactly alike, therefore the ground plan of unified technique works as a foundation for the student to find excellence in area of greatest interest and study. On the aesthetic side, through exposing the student through a wide swath of different styles of music, they gain a better appreciation and understanding for the art form in general. Through an understanding of the mental process in order to attain a high level of focus in structured practice, it is possible for the student to attain any goal which they are willing to commit themselves to within or outside of music.